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Blasphemy and the Law: A Comparative Study (2006)

The Australian Media: Regulation, Self-Regulation, the Public Interest and Free Speech (2004)

Does Law Help or Hinder the Market? (2004)

Prohibition – A Foundation of Organised Crime (2004)

“They ain’t white. Not any more. They’re Comanch’”: Race, Racism and the Fear of Miscegenation in The Searchers (2003)

Narrative Structure and Social Meaning: Strictly Ballroom and Dead Heart (2003)

Raising Arizona: Postmodernism, Cinephilia and the Coen Canon (2003)

Citizen Kane, M, Expressionism and Point of View (2003)

Spousal Maintenance and Australian Family Law (2003)

As I Lay Dying: A Journey (2002)

The Return of the Dead and Repressed in Toni Morrison's Beloved (2002)

Of Clockwork Apples and Oranges: Burgess and Kubrick (2002)

Trainspotting – Novel to Film (2002)

Freudian Psychoanalysis: Psychosexual Theory of Personality Development and Defence Mechanisms (2001)

Ethical Relativism: An Introductory Exploration (2001)

Dualism: An Introductory Exploration (2001)

Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists: Destined to Failure? (2000)


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